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Photo of Lone Worker Management Lemon have developed our own state of the art bespoke Lone Worker solution called Lone Ranger.

Lone Ranger is designed to be the quickest and easiest Lone Worker solution on the market. Lone Ranger helps to safeguard your employees 24/7, 365 days a year, meaning that your Lone Workers are never actually alone, wherever they may be.

Whilst it's true that all workers are at some point at risk of violence, harm, accident or unexpected illness in the workplace, lone workers are a particularly vulnerable section of the workforce as there is often nobody to assist them in the case of such an emergency.

Lone Ranger automatically checks in on remote workers at selected intervals and then utilises the expertise of our highly trained team in our state of the art ISO9001 accredited monitoring centre to escalate an emergency procedure in the event of a non-answered call. You can even use Lone Ranger to raise a distress call discretely and speedily in the event of an emergency, without having to speak to an operator.

Lone Ranger acts as a highly effective safeguard for all lone workers who are potentially exposed to harassment, intimidation, danger or violence in the course of their work and allows organisations to demonstrate both legal compliance and duty of care.

Reasons to choose Lone Ranger to protect your lone workers:
  • Incredibly simple to set up and use
  • No set-up fee and no minimum contract
  • No reliance on GPS signal availability
  • Rapid set-up within 24 hours
  • Distress call functionality
  • ISO9001 accredited monitoring centre
  • The most cost effective way to safeguard your lone workers
Our innovative automated buddy system is designed to be far simpler, less complex and more affordable than other lone worker protection systems, yet offer the same level of protection to your employees. With rapid set up and low cost user fees, isn't it time that you safeguarded your lone workers?

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