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Photo of Web, EMail and SMS management Lemon have a wealth of experience in managing customer web, email and SMS enquiries. Using Lemon is the smart way to ensure that no customer is ignored and you stand out from the crowd as providing a first class multi-channel customer service experience.

Did you know?

  • 1 in 5 of UK businesses struggle to respond to email enquiries from customers. *
  • Customers today use many channels to communicate, not just the phone.
  • Some of the most popular methods of communication are email, SMS and web enquiries.
  • Regardless of the method of communication, your customers expect a unified, quality brand experience.
It can be difficult to dedicate sufficient resources to efficiently manage web, email and SMS enquires due to their sporadic nature. This is where Lemon can help. We will work to ensure that your customers are served professionally, efficiently and in a timely manner when contacting you via web, email or SMS. We work with a number of clients across the UK, large and small, to assist with the implementation and management of web, email and SMS enquiries, so we have the knowledge and expertise to assist you.

Lemon are the Zest at managing email, web and SMS enquiries. We will:

  • Monitor and react to your enquiries forwarded to us on email via the web, email or SMS.
  • Either do this 24/7/365 or at set time periods, i.e. when your office closes.
  • Follow a set procedure to ensure that the customer is responded to quickly and professionally.
  • Contact the customer back directly where required, send out marketing information, or forward the enquiry on to another department or branch to action.
  • Provide a detailed emailed report daily, or after each enquiry, giving you a full audit trail of events and each enquiry is assigned a unique reference number so it is easy to trace.
  • Give your customers the Zest customer service in the business!
Read Why Choose Lemon? to discover more of the amazing benefits of choosing the Zest service for your business and don't just take our word for it, read our Client Testimonials to see why our clients think that we're the Zest call centre in the UK!

Give our helpful team a call to discuss your company's web, email and SMS enquiry management needs, no pressure, no selling, just a good old fashioned chat and advice.

Call Lemon Business Solutions free now on 0800 612 7595 or of course you can use the 'Get in Touch' box on this page or email our team at zest@no-sour-business.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you.

* Source: Direct Marketing Association Report.

Why Choose Lemon?
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