About Lemon

A pioneering 24/7 Call Management Centre

Lemon was established in 2003 out of a passion to provide world class customer service. We take great pride in our service and each and every customer gets the VIP treatment. We don’t see ourselves as your average call centre, we’re a dynamic team, eager to provide an outstanding service with integrity at its core.

We’re innovative and we use technology to assist us, but we don’t hide behind it, and we don’t use any robotic call scripting, it’s just real people, having real conversations. We also don’t manage our clients at arms length and make them deal only with an account manager, with Lemon the client gets direct access to the Senior Management Team.

We also understand the importance of good systems and process and that’s why we have committed to achieving and retaining international standards in the form of our ISO9001 and ISO27001 certifications, which support our purpose and assure you of our absolute professionalism at all times.

But why the name Lemon? Well, we just liked it! The Zest, the ‘no sour business’, the vibrant colours, it all seemed to work, and as there are one or two other successful fruit named companies out there, we thought if they can do it, so can we, and with that Lemon was born!

Customer Service Experts

Our service is completely bespoke to your requirements, so whatever your needs, we will work with you to implement the procedures to achieve your goals. We won’t tie you in to long term contracts and our pricing will always be clear and transparent.

We truly believe our team are the best at what we do, so if you need a pioneering call management service, bursting with passion and integrity, to answer your calls anytime of the day or night, then look no further, because Zest is best!

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Mission Zest

Lemon will achieve by believing in Zest. Zest is customer service excellence. Zest is a highly personable service. Zest is believing passionately in what we do. Zest is engaging with our customers, listening to their wants and needs.

Zest is recognising the importance of our team and empowering them to achieve. Zest is using technology to assist us but not hiding behind it. Zest is real people having real conversations. Zest is pioneering. Zest is inspiring. Lemon is Zest.

No scripts, real people, real conversations.

We'll make the whole process effortless

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